Private Residence, South Freeport, Maine

Private Residence,
South Freeport, Maine

Sited along a narrow spine of exposed bedrock, this house evolved as a slender geological eruption from these ancient land forms. Running north and south, the house form emerges as low and solid at the north extremity and becomes progressively taller and more open toward the south, terminating in a balcony which affords distant ocean views.

Underscoring the organic nature of the morphology, copper cladding is utilized for roofing and all exterior wall surfaces. The roof structure, although irregular in plan is all of one plane and is framed with 4 x 10 Fir Beams and Fir decking, salvaged from a demolished gymnasium in northern Maine. Floors in the living areas are 1/2” slate with radiant heating provided throughout. On the south and west, large roof visors extend beyond the window plane to shield glass areas from excessive solar gain in the summer.

The house is organized so that all of the communal living areas are on the upper levels, with exposed roof framing as ceilings. From the entrance foyer, living areas terrace upward – first to the kitchen, dining and family room level and then another 5 feet up to the living room. Conversely, bedrooms terrace down, also in half floor increments so that the master bedroom is under the living room and the two other bedrooms are below the kitchen / family room.

The hinge point for the plan is a massive stone chimney with fireplaces on three sides that provide focal points for each living level while anchoring the spatial complexity of the terraced lightening bolt plan.